People are the main and most valuable asset of our companies, which is why adequate personnel selection is essential in the current competitive framework.

Asinco Selection offers you a personalized Human Resources selection service to cover any position or level of the Company, analyzing and evaluating all the key variables for a correct adequacy and person-demeanor and organization adjustment, designing the work procedure so that your company can incorporate the right candidate with full guarantees of integration.

Phases and development of the HR Selection

  • Position Description

Mission, Functions and Activities of the position that the Company wishes to fill through the Selection process. It must include specifications, such as the knowledge, skills, previous experience that the person needs to perform in the place, attitudes and/or a salary range.

  • Company Analysis

We analyze its corporate purpose, sector to which it belongs, corporate values, elements of business culture, behaviors that the company in its daily life assumes as norms or principles of conduct or that it proposes to have or achieve as a distinctive characteristic of its positioning and/ or the conditions of its environment, its competition and what the expectations of customers and owners are like. In short, detect if the values ​​correspond to the strategy and what its main competitive advantages are. The selection of people has to be in harmony with these intangible and intangible aspects.

The standards of conduct or forms of action of employees, such as: confidentiality, loyalty, teamwork, honesty and responsibility, among many others, must reflect the company culture that has been configured through of its values ​​as a company.

Each company has to have its own corporate values ​​and turn them into culture, custom and reality so that the market recognizes and appreciates them as part of the identity of the company, its products or its employees.

  • Determination of competencies

Competencies are personal characteristics, knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes that are manifestly observable and operable in the form of behaviors, stable and largely unconscious, that guarantee superior performance in a work environment and that explain the success of a person, in a given situation. position within an organization.

They have a long-term positive impact on work; They are reflected in behaviors that are easily identifiable through observation and/or interviews and, therefore, can be measured. And they can be developed through experience and learning.

Personal characteristics, clearly Determination of technical, generic and specific competencies, as well as the skills required to perform the position through an analytical methodology that consists of establishing job competencies through the identification and ordering of productive functions, accurately describing an occupational area from its main purpose to the individual contributions required for its fulfillment.

  • Recruitment

This phase of the Selection process is of vital importance to locate the right person. For this reason, we advise our clients on the most appropriate means to find potential candidates with the greatest degree of fit for the position we have to fill. Fundamentally we are interested in being able to communicate with professionals suitable for the position we wish to fill.

  • Advertisement

It is essential to structure and define the advertisement precisely to capture the attention of the ideal candidates or those with the highest degree of fit and thus make profitable the cost of the investment that the company makes in its publication.

The Announcement is disseminated through:

  • INTERNET. Occupation Search Internet Portal or Portals.
  • UNIVERSITIES AND BUSINESS SCHOOLS. Job Board of Public and Private Universities of the Autonomous Community where the company is based.
  • OWN DATABASE: CV that we receive spontaneously.


  • Candidate Evaluation: Psychometric Studies and Critical Incident Technique.

The analysis of the candidate is carried out from a personalized and multidisciplinary perspective using the necessary and sufficient evidence to verify whether their profile fits the values ​​and culture of the Company and the position described. In short, if your profile is ideal for the position that the Organization wishes to occupy.

The Critical Incident Interview is a structured, in-depth and detailed screening interview that evaluates past performance. In fact, this technique is based on the assumption that the best predictor of a person’s future performance is their past performance.

Through an exhaustive analysis of past experience, an estimate is made of when, how, where, they acquired their key competencies and the probability or frequency with which they use them again.

Likewise, in this way we can identify and evaluate the degree of solidity of the candidates’ skills and the probability that these will be present in their future behavior.

With critical incident interviews, what is important is to find out the motives, skills and knowledge that the interviewee/candidate really has and uses, not the conclusions about their past experiences.

  • Presentation of Candidates and Report

We present the suitable candidates through an individualized report that takes as reference the aspects defined in the Job Description.

  • Incorporation Tracking

We monitor the candidate after joining the company, guaranteeing their adaptation to the place and organization.

Selection guarantee

Asinco Asesores Selection offers a guarantee period, in case the selected person’s contract is terminated, during the trial period and/or up to a maximum of one year, in the event that the contract is terminated due to dismissal . In both cases, a new selection process would be carried out free of charge at no cost except that which could be derived from the prospecting through an advertisement or an offer on the job market.

Les nostres referències

Our Selection clients are: Small and medium-sized companies, Large Companies, Multinational Companies from sectors of activity such as:

  • Services, Financial, Technological.
  • Industrial, Distribution, Telecommunications.
  • Construction, Insurance, etc.

Internal selection is not only an element of motivation for workers, who know that at some point in their professional life they can see their employability and contribution of value rewarded, but it also allows Companies to fill managerial or technical positions through the potential talent of its employees at a lower cost because they already know the company’s objectives, its values ​​and corporate culture.

In any case, it may involve the cost of the person who needs to be trained for the position, but many times mentoring is used, so that a person with more experience trains those who will fill these positions. It is much cheaper than an external selection process and also gives good results.

The person who enters the position through internal selection already knows the company, the functions they have to perform and the philosophy of the company. It is easier for him to adapt to the place. In addition, the rest of the people, even if they have not occupied this position, know that it is possible to achieve greater growth within the company.

In order to make an internal selection, assessment tests must be done with the candidates, in which it is important to: identify the criteria for pre-selection, select the competencies for the position, the design of selection tests, the realization of ‘interviews, the realization of dynamics, the choice of the person and the design of a communication plan throughout the process.

We carry out personnel assessments for your company, helping you to detect in the best candidates you wish to incorporate or promote, the real and potential dimension of their knowledge, skills and competences.